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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wedding Wooden Signs

Hi everyone,

This is the last wedding post.  I know you noticed I took about a year off from posting but recently started up again.  We've been busy, and I'll update you on what we've been up to in my next post.  I just wanted to finish out the "wedding blog" and get back to...A Girl and Some Paint.

So...let's finish.  Strong.

I wanted some things on pretty throwaway paper and some things that were a little more permanent.  The one rustic touch of the wedding were these wood signs that the fiance and I created.  He was really into it!  He even used his precious guitar wood coverings for one sign.

We bought some plywood.  Yes, plywood.  Cut it to size.  Stained it using Dark Walnut Stain from Miniwax, as we had some around the house.

Then I printed out some fancy letters on some paper and rubbed chalk all over the back, carefully placed it on the wood, and then outlined it onto the wood.

Next, I went over the chalk outlines with a white paint pen.  You will need a lot of these pens.  They like to stop working on the next to last letter.

Finished products:

No need for a program.

The one the fiance/hubby covered in wood:

So the guests know what's coming.