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Monday, September 28, 2015

Who am I?

I just bought an almost 100 year old house in Baltimore, MD which I share with my boyfriend and his three cats.  The cats' favorite thing to do: sit on my white ottoman.  We are two busy professionals with big ideas, limited budgets, and absolutely no idea what we are doing.  Join us as we blunder through the world of adulthood.

The Cast

I'm "E", an HGTV junkie with a few obsessive compulsive traits (ok, maybe more than a few).

The Boyfriend:
He's "O", a practical, somewhat handy gentleman who also happens to be not so bad on the eyes.  He lives to avoid my wrath.

The Cats:
Rey "Purr Machine"
Rey is a beautiful grey cat who loves to pose for pictures.  He also enjoys laying on couch pillows, chasing water in the sink, and meowing loudly at ridiculously early hours.

Bob "Bob the Cat"
Bob is a very friendly human-curious striped cat who will do anything for food.  He also enjoys tightrope walking on banisters and goofily almost falling off of furniture.

Nona "No name"
Nona.  The other woman of the house.  I was able to capture her "beady eyes" in their natural state without turning to stone.  Even if I do not know where she is, I can always feel her hateful glare piercing my soul.