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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rustic Picture Clipboards

Once I saw the post by Love Grows Wild with the DIY PhotoClipboards, I knew I had to have them. 
                                                            Learn how to make these gorgeous DIY Photo Clipboards at
I had the perfect place for them – the beadboard wall in the kitchen had a small shelf begging for adornment, as seen here in the listing photos.   

Photography credit: Jaime Gervasi & Associates of Long & Foster Real Estate

I always strive to add accessories that are both functional and beautiful, especially so that my boyfriend cannot veto them or dismiss them.  (My one weakness is pillows; however, his cats love my pillows and lay all over them so the boyfriend is outnumbered on this one.)

I bought one board (60 inches long, 12 inches wide, 1 inch thick) from Home Depot and had them cut it into 5 pieces, each measuring about 12 inches.  I then sanded the corners and stained them, using the same Miniwax Dark Walnut stain I used for the “DIYWooden Desk Top” post.  I liked how the stain looked after one coat – the wood seems to really just soak it up like water.  I then added the same Miniwax Low Gloss Finishing Stain that I also used on the desk.  

Here are some pictures of the boards in varying stages of the process:

I then glued on these clips, purchased on Amazon.  I really really wanted to purchase the pictures from Love Grows Wild, as they are beautiful and I know I do not have that skill level yet.  Recently, the boyfriend and I have been experimenting with Blue Apron.  He loves it, and I love anything that inspires him to cook and allows me to eat.  :)   Seriously, I think he cooked 3 meals the other week.  My quality of life is just going up and up and up!  We have been keeping the recipes we like with plans to reproduce them on our own.  I took a few of our favorite recipes and put them on the clipboards, with the hope that seeing these yummy meals would inspire a trip to the grocery store.  

Here is the finished product:

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