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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Table number holders

Hi everyone,

Another wedding post.  You were warned this topic would take over the blog previously.

I have been working hard on the table centerpieces.  I have already bought lanterns (various colors: white, grey, blue, brown) and my future mother in law found multiple vases of different types at various Goodwill stores that I will spray paint using a mercury glass technique.  The vases will be filled with white and blue hydrangeas and babies breath.  I also bought plastic pumpkins which I spray painted white and silver.

Here is a picture of lanterns similar to what I am using and my pinterest inspiration for the pumpkins.

Image result for white wood lantern           For an autumn wedding miniature ghost pumpkins can become downright glamorous with a touch of gold spray paint.          75 Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas You’ll Love | #PinoftheDay #rustic…

Anyway, after all of these items, I was seriously close to the decor budget limit (which was later imploded by the other decor needed) and needed to skimp on table numbers.  I had already pinterested and fallen in love with these numbers.

We are obsessed with these 17 glitter wedding ideas! With crazy amounts of glitter, comes crazy amounts of DIY glitter crafting ideas perfect for your wedding!

But there were seriously over budget.  Even the wooden version that I could add sparkle myself to was still expensive.  DIY time!

I found this great tutorial on pinterest for using plastic animals for table numbers.

DIY Animal Memo Holder Gifts - Sugar & Cloth - Holiday - Gift - Houston Blogger

Hmmm, don't I already have plastic pumpkins?  Boom!

I followed the above tutorial to the letter.  I ordered these alligator clips and these wooden dowels.  I did make sure the dowels would fit in the hole in the pumpkin and the ends of the alligator clips.  I still had some difficulty fitting in some of the dowels - some twisting was required.


 Once I attached all of the dowels and clips, I spray painted the dowels silver.  This technique also seemed to help keep the dowel in place.

Lastly, I found these glitter numbers on Michaels ON SALE.  DONE.  Budget saved.

 Finished product!

I cannot wait to show you the full centerpiece!

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