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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Hallway Bathroom Transformation

Ok. I know I set you up with this big title, but...

This blog post, y'all.  It's gonna be a doozy.

This is the room that almost made me walk away from this house altogether.

Train. Wreck.

Just so you know.  Even though I didn't capture it in the pictures.  Even THE BACK OF THE DOOR has wallpaper.  So when the door is closed, you're in a big black ugly wallpaper box.  With a toilet.  And a shower.  

No. No. No.

This is the hallway bathroom.  And this house doesn't have a half bath for guests to use.  This is it.

This is also our roommate's primary bathroom.



The first thing that had to go was the wallpaper.  I started simple.  Non-committal. 

I covered the back of the door with white contact paper.


Isn't. That. AWESOME ?!?

Seriously.  I just let it sit like that for a month or two.  It was such a relief.  The roommate was happy.

And I know it doesn't match the trim.  But it just needed to be a door.  And it matches the front of the door almost.

Anyway.  Then I decided to step up my game.

With more wallpaper.  The more the better.

This was a good start.  A GOOD start.  This is also where I ran out of wallpaper.

Always order twice as much as you need, people.  Ok to get a test roll.  But then, go wild.  You can return it, sell it, use it for another project.  But Target had run out.

Luckily, Amazon did.  Lucky you. 

Oh, the wallpaper.  It was hard to put up at the beginning.  I was begging it to go straight, stretching it out at the overlap.  Until I realized I should overlap it quite a bit more so that there wasn't an edge of black underlying every panel.  Then it was easy.  

I used tutorial from Young House Love to figure out how to hang it, but I guess I didn't read it closely enough.  The wallpaper also has a brief video.  But really, just cover 1/3 of it with itself and then smooth it out really good and call it a day.  And buy extra.  A lot extra.

Oh, and this kit was also really helpful.


So then...while I was waiting for the wallpaper...I did a thing.


I decided that dated lighting ALSO had to go.  Remember, I'm a renter.  So I had to be SMART here.

Pinterest tutorial to the rescue!

Dogs Don't Eat Pizza and Bless 'er House had already solved this problem for me.  

Such kind clever people on Pinterest, y'all.

Boom - bought these Edison bulbs and these light covers.


In progress.


Oh, and then the wallpaper came!  And did I mention the medicine cabinets were also covered in the wallpaper.  Contact paper magic again!

That and some desperately needed storage really took this bathroom over the top.  Y'all, this cabinet may look pretty, but it was TERRIBLE to put together.  I got it from Wal-mart and I refuse to put the link up here.  You'll have to search for it.  I'm telling you.  Terrible to put together.

I originally bought it for our master bathroom, and put the storage shelf that was left in there in this room, but it was too short for our toilet, so I switched them out.  The hubs helped me attach it to the wall.

I know it looks good me.  I wouldn't lie to you.

Also, the edges of the wallpaper needed some love.  I found this peel and stick trim and went to town along the top.  I might add some to the bottom at some point, but...not right now.

Also, ignore the fluorescent lighting.  I can't do anything about that.  Well, not yet at least. It took the hubs a while to find replacement panels for the ones we broke putting the cabinet over the toilet. 

Never again.

So for my last and final project.  I had to dress up the mirror a bit.  You know how we do, right?

A little edge trim, a little miter box hand sawing (a present from the hubs that I saw @brickendhaus use on the gram and became obsessed), and voila!  

I won't bug you with the pictures of that process.  Cut, paint, seal, and then...staple gun the edges together and glue and clamp.  Then had the hubs carve out a little space to fit it over the lights, put some 3M sticky strips on the back, and BOOM.  Done.

If you want a tutorial, go check out this one from Leah Maria Designs.

So again.  Let's review.

Hallway Bathroom TRANSFORMATION.

The End.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

New Baltimore house Kitchen Nook

Hello there!

If you've been following the blog, you know I'm a bit of a sucker for a kitchen nook.

See partial shot of kitchen nook with bistro table and clipboards inspired by Love Grows Wild from this post from the original Baltimore house.

And shot of the kitchen nook in the Silver Spring suburban house from this post.

I basically transplanted the kitchen materials to the new house, and things fit almost perfectly in the designated nook area.

The red kitchen shelf fit really well between the outlet and the corner.  But the red scheme didn't see to work as well in this kitchen with the...white...puffy flower...wallpaper, a fact made glaringly obvious by the bookshelf.  The other reds in the room, the pillows and the rugs, were more muted red, which still worked in the room.  The shelf was not even sold in red any longer, so I would either have to spray paint another one red or a different color.

Luckily, the shelf does come in white.  Which would coordinate well with the puffy white flower wallpaper but also...COVER IT UP A LITTLE.  Reasonably priced, with two flanking the window.

I'm thinking I will hang a curtain over the window to make the shelves seem more symmetric and to cover the wallpaper even more - the window is not centrally placed between the wall and the sliding panel doors.  I would LOVE to replace the light fixture, but I'm probably not going to be allowed to do that within budget/reason/hubby says no. It's just too much wallpaper to cover with peel and stick/other wall covering options so I need to work with it a little.

I will get that landline phone off the wall.  We're already using the shelves for our backup computers and I plan to put a printer there somewhere for easy access - will wait for sales.

I will put the final pictures in another future post.

Bye for now!


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Wall Decor in Living Room and Master Bedroom


Attempting to post quality content more often, as promised.

Nothing makes a new home, particularly a rental home, feel more familiar than when you put stuff on the walls.  Just about anything will help it feel less like someone else's home and more like your home.  Still, a lot of times I wait and wait and wait (and pretend like I'm going to buy new artwork and finally print out our wedding photos) and stuff doesn't go up.

In the last house, the Silver Spring house, I put up all our wedding signs about 10 seconds before we had the in-laws over for Christmas, 9 months after we moved.  It worked for that time, but I was hoping for something a little more varied (I wanted to say personal and room specific, but I think our wedding signs are pretty personal) this time around in the different rooms.  I tried to focus on the rooms we used the most, which were the living room, master bedroom, and guest room/office.

Living Room Gallery Wall

If you remember, I did a gallery wall two homes ago, in the Baltimore House.  I used the same artwork in the Silver Spring suburban home, but just hung it in a line across the wall.  It was fine for the space, but I don't have any pictures of it.  I had thought about adding a picture rail there, but that living room space was so small, it just wasn't inspiring to me.

Living Room in Baltimore House

Once I set up the living room in our new home, I thought a gallery wall would again best utilize the space between the two flanking bookshelves.  It's a pretty big wall and it needed something to distract from the television.

This time, I decided to try things a little differently.  Nobody wanted to fill nail holes and search for matching paint again when we moved out.  I still laid everything out on the table and moved things around until I had a layout pleasing to MY eye.  I let our roommate and the hubs vote too.  I hung the pictures using the Command picture and frame hanging strips.  I hung up the first picture in the middle, making sure it was level and following the strips directions.  Then I left it up and hung up a picture on the left and right of the center picture, making sure they were level with the center picture.  Every time I put up another picture, I took the other picture down as it was no longer needed to measure for level.  The Command strips suggested waiting an hour before using the strips, which is why I took the other pictures down.  I only used strips at the top for the lighter pictures.  Heavier pictures needed top and bottom frame strips.  Here is a picture of all the strips in place.

The directions were basically attach one strip to the back of the picture, then attach the sister strip via velco, then press it to the wall.  Everything required being held down for 30 seconds.  Then the sister strip would stay in place on the wall and the original strip stayed in place on the back of the picture.  This didn't always happen quite as described.  Sometimes the original strip would come off and stay on the wall.  Sometimes the sister strip wouldn't stay on the wall.  But after a few tries, I got the hang of things.  I also loosened the sister strip a little before pressing the picture to the wall, so it would detach easier from the original strip. I also noticed paint did come off of the wall in one place when I had to reposition a strip.

After the hour long wait, I put the pictures back in place.  I measured each picture for level, but they were so close together, it was easy to adjust the pictures without changing the velcro strips.

I'm almost done in the living room, so will hopefully do a post of the sources in there soon if you're interested.  In the interim, feel free to drop any questions in the comments.

Master Bedroom Wood Carvings and Shelves

Similarly, I've been collecting these wood carvings from World Market since the very first Baltimore house master bedroom redo.

Over the years, I've collect a few more to fit the walls better, but I've always liked how they look above the dresser in our master bedroom space.  So when it came to the new house, I wanted to go with an old favorite.

We also have some nice built ins in the bedroom, providing an opportunity for some decorating.  I combined our old lanterns and some wedding shadow boxes below.

To hand these wood carvings, I used a level with the help of my roommate to hang a strip of tape along the wall over the dresser.  I then measured things out to perfectly space the wall hangings across the dresser.  I put a similar piece of tape above the first piece for the upper row of wall carvings, though I took some time to decide what height I wanted them at.  From here, I again used the Command picture and frame hanging strips to put there up, as they are pretty light.  I like that the strips don't show behind the pieces, which took some creative strip placement.

Anyhow, getting started on fall decor here along with decorating the new house.  So you'll probably see what I've got going in a few posts.

See you soon,