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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

DIY Save The Date Magnets

Hi everyone,

As wedding planning has taken over my life, I wanted to share some projects with you that we've been working on.  Both the fiance and I wanted a Save the Date magnet, but I also wanted a classic Save the Date card with our engagement photo on it.  We were able to get a great price on the card using Vistaprint, but the magnet was just out of budget.  Pinterest to the rescue! (I imagine some superhero music in the background when I say that now.)

I was inspired by these STD (yup, that's what the wedding forums call them) on Pinterest:

These mini Polaroid magnets are adorable and a must have for your Save the  Date!  Photo Source:

And this one on Etsy:

Save the Date Photo Magnets  Wedding Save the by FUNctionalMinis 

We read several tutorials and they all had similar instructions.  First, we bought business card sized magnets off Amazon.  We bought 250 magnets for $20.  The magnets had a magnetic side and a sticky side.

Several tutorials offered free polaroid templates, but we just did it ourselves in Microsoft Powerpoint.  Easy and customized.

I then printed the template at FedEx in color on a slightly shiny paper perfect for a magnet.  I actually just said to the Fed Ex guy "I want some slightly shiny paper that will work for a magnet" and he printed it and brought it to me to approve. Thanks Fed Ex!
The fiance and I then cut out the pictures and stuck them on the magnets.  They took up about 55% of the magnet and we used some hardy scissors to cut the magnet edges off.  It was easier to place the paper on the magnet as straight as possible and then only have to trim one side of the magnet rather than place the paper in the middle of the magnet and trim 2 sides.  The first few looked a little janky, but we learned fast.

Finished product:

On the fridge:

So great! Our family and friends seem to love both the card and the magnet.  And we hope the magnet will be on the fridge for a while - long after the card is thrown away.

More soon!


  1. Awesome! This is a perfect gift for my best friend. She is getting married by the end of this year and I am her wedding photographer. I would love to give her these magnets. Her wedding is in one of the outdoor Los Angeles venues and I am sure the pictures are going to come really good.