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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A LOT of Changes

Hi everyone,

Remember that whole mysterious almost year long absence from the blog thing?  We've been busy.

So...we got married.  We had a mini-honeymoon in Jamaica after a work conference I had there.  We had a bigger honeymoon in Barcelona, the hubs dream trip. It was fantastic!

We also moved.  We moved to Silver Spring.  The hubs had been commuting for almost two years taking two buses and two trains for a 2.5 hour commute one way.  I always arrived home first no matter how late I worked.  I cooked dinner every night.  Something had to give.

We did not sell the 100 year old + Baltimore house.  We rented it.  To some very nice graduate students who love it.  It was very sad to move away from our gorgeous house.

Silver Spring is a lot more expensive than Baltimore.  We knew we couldn't afford a house with all the nice finishes our old house had.  So we decided to settle for something in a prime location (quieter than the Baltimore house), with an extra bathroom or two for guests (better layout than the Baltimore house), and maybe a larger kitchen since we've continued the Blue Apron thing for a while (bigger kitchen than the Baltimore house).  We looked for about two weeks, and found the suburban Silver Spring house.

So we've lived here now for about 8 months and it was time to tell you.  I wasn't keeping it a secret, I was just...busy.  I'm commuting now, since I'm still working in Baltimore.  I've adjusted my hours which makes things a little better.  And I'm back.

So...the rental house.

It's a townhouse in a community with both townhouses and houses.  There's a swimming pool and tennis court and basketball court.  And a creek in the back.  It's really peaceful and quiet.  No sirens.  No helicopters.  No theft (yet).  Really really nice.  Don't get me wrong, we do miss Baltimore.  But, it's nice to sleep peacefully.

Ready for some pictures?

 Living room - very cosy

Dining room - I always seem to find rental houses with a red wall that is angrily demanding to be painted.

Kitchen with eat in area and skylight - these walls are just as demanding regarding the paint, but a little quieter about it than the red.

Guest room.  You know the blue is going to go GREAT with our decor.

My office.  Where the magic will have to happen now.

Master Bedroom - it's HUGE.  Ridiculously so in comparison to the other rooms.

So that's the tour, folks.  I can't wait to show you some of the things we've been doing to cozy it up and make it our own. I think we'll start with the dining room.