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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

DIY Invitations

Hi everyone,

We did some beautiful save the dates using Vistaprint that I loved!

It even came with free envelopes.  But after postage, we still spent a lot more than we wanted to spend.  I knew I wanted to do something different for the invitations, specifically weighted linen paper, glitter belly bands and monogram squares, and prettier envelopes.  To keep it within budget, I knew we would have to DIY.  The fiance was on board.

I found, a website selling DIY parts of invitations, specifically weighted linen cardstock, belly bands, monogrammed squares, and envelopes.  We were able to order samples of everything and then do practice runs with the samples.

We came up with our own design on Microsoft word (after looking at and rejecting a bunch of templates online) and changed it to a jpeg for printing.  We used generic wording with a few tweaks.  I used a laser jet printer to print the invitations and set it to the setting for heavy cardstock.  Then the fiance and I compromised on a little less glitter in exchange for metallic envelopes and belly bands (his idea).

We did have to use envelope labels as the envelopes were too dark to write on.  I still wanted more glitter and the fiance wanted something similar to a wax seal, so we found these glitter envelope seals for CHEAP at Michaels.  Then the fiance made a custom stamp with our logo (a little blood, a lot of sweat, a few tears) and voila!|pcrid|202074780869|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|prd|10509858&cm_mmc=zadv_PLASearch-_-google-_-Kids-RLSA-_-Kids-Art-RLSA&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Kids-RLSA&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=sNHTVLdIg|pcrid|202074780869|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|prd|10509858&gclid=CjwKCAjw8IXMBRB8EiwAg9fgMD90YmSY1ofVe_kFSOxZF1xh3YH-9VQAX3rvgx2qD51ARPoOYkJYcRoCNuMQAvD_BwE

I took them to the post office to be weighed.  We had included reply envelopes in some of the invites for older relatives, but had everyone else rsvp on the website.  The reply envelopes required additional payment but the other ones only warranted the 0.70 stamp due to their size.  I even found matching blue butterfly stamps at the post office.  Score!

I've been told they are very classy with just the right amount of glitter.

End Result:


Table number holders

Hi everyone,

Another wedding post.  You were warned this topic would take over the blog previously.

I have been working hard on the table centerpieces.  I have already bought lanterns (various colors: white, grey, blue, brown) and my future mother in law found multiple vases of different types at various Goodwill stores that I will spray paint using a mercury glass technique.  The vases will be filled with white and blue hydrangeas and babies breath.  I also bought plastic pumpkins which I spray painted white and silver.

Here is a picture of lanterns similar to what I am using and my pinterest inspiration for the pumpkins.

Image result for white wood lantern           For an autumn wedding miniature ghost pumpkins can become downright glamorous with a touch of gold spray paint.          75 Rustic Fall Wedding Ideas You’ll Love | #PinoftheDay #rustic…

Anyway, after all of these items, I was seriously close to the decor budget limit (which was later imploded by the other decor needed) and needed to skimp on table numbers.  I had already pinterested and fallen in love with these numbers.

We are obsessed with these 17 glitter wedding ideas! With crazy amounts of glitter, comes crazy amounts of DIY glitter crafting ideas perfect for your wedding!

But there were seriously over budget.  Even the wooden version that I could add sparkle myself to was still expensive.  DIY time!

I found this great tutorial on pinterest for using plastic animals for table numbers.

DIY Animal Memo Holder Gifts - Sugar & Cloth - Holiday - Gift - Houston Blogger

Hmmm, don't I already have plastic pumpkins?  Boom!

I followed the above tutorial to the letter.  I ordered these alligator clips and these wooden dowels.  I did make sure the dowels would fit in the hole in the pumpkin and the ends of the alligator clips.  I still had some difficulty fitting in some of the dowels - some twisting was required.


 Once I attached all of the dowels and clips, I spray painted the dowels silver.  This technique also seemed to help keep the dowel in place.

Lastly, I found these glitter numbers on Michaels ON SALE.  DONE.  Budget saved.

 Finished product!

I cannot wait to show you the full centerpiece!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ring "Security" Bearers

Hi everyone,

As mentioned, I fell down the Pinterest hole regarding cute wedding things I absolutely do not need.  Most of the things I was able to talk myself out of.  I did try to DIY a few things, many of which disastrously failed and were not worth the time, effort, or money.  For example, I tried to spray paint plastic buckets to look like metal with mottled metallic silver spray paint.  After 2 coats, it still looked weird, but decent, so I stacked them together and walked away for a few days.  When I returned, the buckets were all stuck together and the paint pulled apart when I tried to separate them.  I threw them in the trash and bought real ones for less than $2 apiece.

One of my more successful DIY was props for my ring bearers.  We are using his 2 nephews and my 1 nephew as our ring bearers.  They are a little older - ages 5 to 9 years, and weren't really enamored with the idea until I mentioned that I needed "ring security".  Then they all totally jumped on board.

I was showing my fiance's oldest nephew the Pinterest options and he decided he wanted the Etsy option below.  He has VERY specific and expensive taste.

Deluxe Ring Security Box Set - W/ Personalized Sunglasses, Security Badge…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I decided we would need to DIY these items to save some money.

First I bought black centerpiece suitcases for $10 from  Others have used plastic briefcases like the one below the suitcase as well, but I needed to be as authentic as possible to please the nephews.

Black Plastic (not clear) 12 x 9 1/2 x 1 1/2 - 1

Next, I bought some sticker letters from Michael's and applied them to the suitcase.  The letters below are just an example. You will want to measure the letters to make sure they will fit across the suitcase.|pcrid|202074780869|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|prd|10242698&cm_mmc=zadv_PLASearch-_-google-_-Kids-RLSA-_-Kids-Art-RLSA&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Kids-RLSA&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=sNHTVLdIg|pcrid|202074780869|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|prd|10242698&gclid=CjwKCAjwzYDMBRA1EiwAwCv6Ji3ZZB9M0je5K_k4TzD_HlOHMLGVgBsNzeFUzYUB6ECXKrdWafsjXRoCeWMQAvD_BwE 

I also bought some sunglasses from Dollar Store and some smaller silver letters.

I used a straight edge to line everything up on the suitcase.  On the sunglasses, I placed everything as close to the curve at the bottom of the sides of the glasses and it turned out ok.

Here is the finished product.  Of note, I also added their names at the bottom of the suitcase.

I'll let you know what the nephews think!

Friday, July 28, 2017

DIY Flowers

Hi everyone,

A common item that people DIY for weddings is apparently flowers.  While beautiful, florists are costly and it often gets cut in favor of other items.  A lot of people order flowers in bulk, either by the stem or as pre-prepared bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.  We briefly considered DIY flowers, but luckily got some additional funds and elected to use them for the flowers.

I did do a DIY flowers trial with some grocery store flowers from Harris Teeter.  For the wedding, I have chosen hydrangeas and babies breath for the bouquets and centerpieces, with roses in my bouquet and the fiance's boutinniere.  Harris Teeter had all of the flowers I wanted in the appropriate colors, blue and white. 

First I tried the boutonnieres.  We decided to do babies breath only for the groomsmens, carnations and babies breath for the best men and fathers, and a rose and babies breath for the fiancee.

First, I took 2 to 3 stems of babies breath and taped them together.

Then I taped them together, either two bunches to each other, or two bunches with a carnation or rose in the middle.  I then put burlap, yarn, and ribbon around the bottom of 3 options.  The fiance went with the ribbon.

Finished products - I like options!

I also did some practice bouquets and centerpieces, smaller than real life.  Hydrangeas are huge and take up a lot of space, so the babies breath was mainly filler.  I started with taping together 2 to 3 stems of white hydrangeas.

Then I added in babies breath (for the all white bouquet) or blue hydrangeas and babies breath, for the white and blue bouquets/centerpieces.  I finished it off with the grey ribbon again.

Things turned out ok, but it did take a few hours to get the hang of things.  All in all, I am glad we found a florist who does beautiful work for reasonable prices.  I don't need this headache before the wedding.  Here is a look at some of my wedding flower pinterest inspirations I sent to my florist.

I could get lost in Florida weddings forever, and I often find myself doing just that. For instance, this morning I spent far longer than I would care to admit with this beauty at the Oyster Bay Yacht Club captured by Tonya Beaver     Pretty and inexpensive way to decorate your aisle     Nautical Wedding Centerpiece.  Pinned by from has high-quality hydrangeas in blues, greens and creams for your DIY floral arrangements.    Beach and Gold Resort Flower wedding arch ideas

More soon.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

DIY Save The Date Magnets

Hi everyone,

As wedding planning has taken over my life, I wanted to share some projects with you that we've been working on.  Both the fiance and I wanted a Save the Date magnet, but I also wanted a classic Save the Date card with our engagement photo on it.  We were able to get a great price on the card using Vistaprint, but the magnet was just out of budget.  Pinterest to the rescue! (I imagine some superhero music in the background when I say that now.)

I was inspired by these STD (yup, that's what the wedding forums call them) on Pinterest:

These mini Polaroid magnets are adorable and a must have for your Save the  Date!  Photo Source:

And this one on Etsy:

Save the Date Photo Magnets  Wedding Save the by FUNctionalMinis 

We read several tutorials and they all had similar instructions.  First, we bought business card sized magnets off Amazon.  We bought 250 magnets for $20.  The magnets had a magnetic side and a sticky side.

Several tutorials offered free polaroid templates, but we just did it ourselves in Microsoft Powerpoint.  Easy and customized.

I then printed the template at FedEx in color on a slightly shiny paper perfect for a magnet.  I actually just said to the Fed Ex guy "I want some slightly shiny paper that will work for a magnet" and he printed it and brought it to me to approve. Thanks Fed Ex!
The fiance and I then cut out the pictures and stuck them on the magnets.  They took up about 55% of the magnet and we used some hardy scissors to cut the magnet edges off.  It was easier to place the paper on the magnet as straight as possible and then only have to trim one side of the magnet rather than place the paper in the middle of the magnet and trim 2 sides.  The first few looked a little janky, but we learned fast.

Finished product:

On the fridge:

So great! Our family and friends seem to love both the card and the magnet.  And we hope the magnet will be on the fridge for a while - long after the card is thrown away.

More soon!