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Monday, March 21, 2016

Nightstand with a marble top

Yet another Craiglist find being posted below.

I had been meaning to replace my nightstand for some time, as it just doesn't have enough storage and isn't really my style.  I tried to refurbish another old nightstand of mine, but the wood splintered and cracked after painting and I had to move on.

I had planned to paint the old one gray (yes, I really like gray) and had already bought a 18 x 18 marble tile on Amazon to put on top of it.  I love Carrarra marble but since it is so high maintenance and not "life friendly", I thought a nightstand would be a safe place to put it.

Here's the tile:

Cue cheap Craiglist find:

Unlike my old nightstand, this nightstand's top was not exactly 18 x 18.  It was more like 20 x 18.  I used a saw and cut approximately 1.5 inches off each side.  I had to then sand the edges to a "bevel" leading up to the top, because I would have cut off the sides of the nightstand if I had cut off more.

I then cleaned it up and painted everything on the outside gray.

I found a really cute knob at Anthropologie:

I decided not to paint the inside of the nightstand.  I may paint the edges of the door and add a shelf on the inside.  For now, it is way more spacious than my previous nightstand.  It is also beautiful!

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