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Monday, August 15, 2016

Outdoor space progress

It's hot.  Really really hot.

So why would I choose right now to start revamping our backyard?  Because I'm looking forward to fall, that's why.  And once it gets cool enough and the mosquitos go away, I want to get right out there and enjoy it.  As soon as possible.

Again, thanks to the previous homeowners, as we had a pretty awesome slate to start from.  The brick planters, the shed, and the fenced fountain all stayed.

Photography credit: Jaime Gervasi & Associates of Long & Foster Real Estate

We, like many others I'm sure, initially tried to make the outdoor furniture from our old place fit into our new place.  The rental backyard was much larger and had a separate dining area and sitting area, where we were able to put a portable fire pit.   The dining room table was a craigslist buy that we bought, touched up with spray paint, bought a new glass table top for, and added fabric colored seats too.  It looked the old space.  In the new space, it was just a little too big and in the way.  And there was no room for my fire pit!

So we sold it on Craigslist.  :(  It was our first DIY as a couple living together, but it didn't fit the new place.  It sold quickly and well, so I wasn't that sad.

Then it was buying time!  *rubbing hands together with an evil laugh*  After some Craigslist's searching, I really wanted wood furniture that would stand up to the elements and still allow for personal touches through fabric and color.  We lost out on a couple of sets that were online but...World Market came through with their end of summer sale!  We got their Santiago Club Chairs (note that the canvas is sold separately in some cases), St. Martin bench (no longer available), and some outdoor pillows to start.  I already had these outdoor lights and fire pit from Amazon.

I did Scotch Guard the cushions, canvases, and pillows and used a spray sealant on the wood before putting everything outside.  We are seeing how the canvas holds up (White! Nail biting!) and have already had to wash one cover that the neighborhood cats seem particularly fond of.  We may dye them a darker color if continued increased care is required.

I plan to add a colorful garden stool and either touch up spray paint the firepit or build a new one.  But I think that can wait for cooler weather.  Any other suggestions?

One final look...

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