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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Pumpkin Card Box

Hi everyone,

I fell for a beautiful card box on Pinterest for the wedding.  It already had a DIY tutorial.
I did try to buy one on Etsy.  With shipping, it was cost prohibitive for me.  I am just mentioning it in case you don't have the time to take this route.

I was able to find this pumpkin at Michaels in late July.

The fiance did some select sawing and sandpapering using a drill and drimmel tool.  I started to draw out the words with a pencil with plans to draw over it with a silver paint pen, but decided to just use glitter stick on letters from Michael's that I already had instead.  I did paint the stem silver with a paint pen.  Very easy! 

It was a great fall themed prop for the wedding.  It was easy to get the cards out once turned upside down.  We still have it at the house - I may change the letters to say welcome guests or put it outside in the fall.

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