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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ikea kitchen cart flip

Hi everyone,

I acquired this Ikea cart over a year ago on Craigslist for about $10 and had high hopes for flipping it.  In the interim, we briefly used it as a grilling cart, with the table grill on top and various grilling materials on the shelves below.  I would really just like to upgrade our grill, but the hubs swears by his tiny table top grill, which does seem to get the job done, so we'll continue.

I had read a few Pinterest tutorials and looked at multiple pictures of other flipped carts online, including the below options:

First, I had the hubs sand down the top.  It had a little wear/tear from the previous owners, which came up no problem.  I then separated the butcher block top from the rest of the cart.  I stained it, first with two coats of Classic Grey.  It was still not evenly accepting stain so I added one coat of Dark Walnut.  Bam!

After one coat of Classic Grey...

After two coats of Classic Grey, still uneven...

With just one coat of Dark Walnut, a much more polished/finished look.

I then began painting the cart white, with my favorite paint color, Linen White.  I primed it with a coat of spray paint, but got rained out before I could spray all the nooks and crannies.  Which meant I had to paint the nooks and crannies by hand.  Over multiple days.  From multiple angles.

In the future, I will stick to spray paint, as I had to redo painting multiple times due to drips and brush marks.  It was easy to sand down and peel off the drips.  I bought new brushes, rollers, and foam brushes to use for future projects as well. 

I then put on protective coats over everything using Polycrilic, matte for the wood top and satin for the cart.  I reassembled everything and decided to add some leftover towel hooks, a new towel bar, and new wine glass racks.  I spray painted everything bronze with this spray paint so it would all match.

Finished result:

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