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Monday, January 14, 2019

Suburban House Guest Room

Hi everyone,

Today we'll be focusing on the guest room.  I know you were probably hoping for the kitchen post, but until I can convince the hubs to let me remove the holidays cards from the fridge, it will have to wait.  The guest room is pretty similar to how it was in the old house, except its a lot smaller at this house with a much less impressive closet.  Still, the color is great and it fits everything a guest needs.

This room has no overhead lighting.  There's a light switch to nothing right by the door.  So I put my old painted bench that never sold and my old overhead lamp that brightens to fill the room over time right by the door, along with a wi-fi password sign.  Everyone appreciates the sign.

There is just enough space in the room for a walkway and bedside tables with lamps for additional lighting.  These are my old touch lamps from Bed Bath and Beyond years ago that I spray painted the shades orange.  Above the bed is a picture from the hubs collection that reminds me of Greece.  Each nightstand has a drawer as well as outlets/extension cords very close by.  In the closet on the right, there is an empty dresser and hangers.  All the storage.  My dad does like to unpack a little when he comes to visit.

On the wall opposite the bed, I have a decorative shelf and a mirror in the corner.  I think I'm going to put the mirror on the back of the door eventually.  I also got a colorful runner rug for the guest room, that the hubs actually likes.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It's a nice whimsical touch to the room which might be a little too "pretty" for some of our guests.  Clearly we're going to need to corral some of the cords around the room and I really need to sell my wedding dress to free up space in the closet, but all of the guests who have stay there have been comfortable.  My brother was ALL about the memory foam pad on the bed - it's polarizing though, as I also love it, but the hubs hates it.  I have a twin size foam pad on my side of the bed in our master.

That's all for now.  Master bedroom next - maybe I will get to take the holidays cards down by the hubs birthday in February.

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