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Monday, March 21, 2016

Painted Bench

Hi everyone,

As promised, I got lots of projects completed this weekend.  With many more to come.  It got a little chilly here in Baltimore, so everything I did was an indoor project.

Without further ado, here's the first project: a painted bench.

I got this bench off Craiglist for a very cheap price.

I really liked that it opens ups and stays open.  It seems like a piano bench, but it's a little bit short for me.  Anyway, I wanted to add a decorative element.

First, I painted the entire bench gray.  I waited a day for it to dry. Then I taped off a stripe with great care, using my trusty level.  I did a lot of tape securing, pressing down on it repeatedly to make sure it was holding.

I let the bench dry for another day.  I then removed the tape from the first line and taped off another line, perpendicular to the first one.  This one I did not secure quite as firmly.  I had to do some touch up paint over the escapee white paint.  I used a piece of cardboard and laid it over the white line and painted alongside it.  This cleaned it up nicely, but it was still not quite as awesome as the first line.

Here's the finished product.  Right now I have it at the end of the bed in the guest room, but I'll probably sell it on Craiglist, since I haven't come up with a better use for it.

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