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Sunday, February 2, 2020

A New Year...

Hello 2020!

As usual, I got busy with work at the end of the year (conference seasons, writing papers) and neglected my blog/design life.  But I'm back!

I've been working on a number of side projects, including some painted tables, a beautiful desk that needs some refinishing, a monster of a dining room table, and a beautiful paned window cabinet.   Hopefully at least two of those will get accomplished in 2020.

I've run out of design inspiration for the moment at the Silver Spring house.  We're not sure how much longer we'll be renting as we figure out our next steps, so I don't want to continue to design/change things for the current house.  But...I think our living room furniture is overdue for a revamp, so maybe I'll make some small changes in the pillows, rugs, and...those really beautiful but not super comfortable (and definitely not cat friendly) chairs.

Anyway, while I put the finishing touches on the painted tables, I spent today organizing some spaces.  It was fairly easy - I searched Pinterest for linen closets to get some ideas and inspirations and then refolded things while catching up on This Is Us episodes.  It's one of those projects that almost immediately satisfying, and I've freed up so much storage space in our second master bedroom closet and under the bathroom cabinets, that I could put away some of the things we don't want to see every day on the bathroom shelves and guest room/main master closets.

Here's a few shots just to whet your appetite:

Guest room closet - that's The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith on the dresser if you're zooming in:

We've added some nice things to this room, along with the extra towels and blankets and wi-fi password that we've always appreciated, there is now some storage and phone chargers.

Master bathroom:

I added this shelving and the baskets because we just needed more storage in here originally, but I cleaned house with my beauty supplies and our medications today and was able to put the cleaning supplies under the sink behind closed doors.  Now the bins just store overflow bathroom supplies (and the hubby's pajamas so he doesn't just leave them on the bathroom floor every day).

Hallway linen closets:

This now has all of the linens for the house, every sheet, every towel, and even some blankets.  Totally freed up space in the master bedroom closets for me to hide the not so pretty linens, like mattress protectors and chair covers.  Pillow storage is still a problem, y'all.  I just can't...

Anyway, hope to show you more projects soon!


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