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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Painted tables

Hi y'all!

I've been busy with more projects than I know what to do with, honestly.  Trying to organize everything behind the closed doors of this house, as you may have seen on my Instagram.


Linen closet:

Guest room closet:

Master closet:

But I've also been working on these tables.  A $30 craiglist buy from a seller I've bought from before.  I think they were from Crate and Barrel.  They had seen better days when I picked them up.  I started with sanding, of course.  And then more sanding and more sanding.  They had some pretty deep gashes that required quite a bit of sanding actually.

I had a few thoughts about the direction to go with this table.  I was thinking of doing dipped legs.  Then I thought a metallic stenciled top would be the way to go.  All of these things didn't end up looking so great.  So...more sanding.

You see that third round table down there.  It's progress.  It may be in progress forever.  I can't figure out what finishes work best for it.

So...back to square one.  I just went with the two shades of grey paint I had on hand.  And they worked well together!  I also added a few coats of polycrilic clear matte (satin was TOO shiny, trust me).  I honestly think that they're still too shiny, but they are protected at least.  They look pretty good, don't you think?

I'm going to sell these on Craigslist probably.  I'm sure we could find room for them in the new house, but it's not worth the space we need right now.  I'll keep you updated as I work on...more tables.


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