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Sunday, September 20, 2020

New Baltimore house Kitchen Nook

Hello there!


If you've been following the blog, you know I'm a bit of a sucker for a kitchen nook.

See partial shot of kitchen nook with bistro table and clipboards inspired by Love Grows Wild from this post from the original Baltimore house.

And shot of the kitchen nook in the Silver Spring suburban house from this post.

I basically transplanted the kitchen materials to the new house, and things fit almost perfectly in the designated nook area.

The red kitchen shelf fit really well between the outlet and the corner.  But the red scheme didn't see to work as well in this kitchen with the...white...puffy flower...wallpaper, a fact made glaringly obvious by the bookshelf.  The other reds in the room, the pillows and the rugs, were more muted red, which still worked in the room.  The shelf was not even sold in red any longer, so I would either have to spray paint another one red or a different color.

Luckily, the shelf does come in white.  Which would coordinate well with the puffy white flower wallpaper but also...COVER IT UP A LITTLE.  Reasonably priced, with two flanking the window.

I'm thinking I will hang a curtain over the window to make the shelves seem more symmetric and to cover the wallpaper even more - the window is not centrally placed between the wall and the sliding panel doors.  I would LOVE to replace the light fixture, but I'm probably not going to be allowed to do that within budget/reason/hubby says no. It's just too much wallpaper to cover with peel and stick/other wall covering options so I need to work with it a little.

I will get that landline phone off the wall.  We're already using the shelves for our backup computers and I plan to put a printer there somewhere for easy access - will wait for sales.

I will put the final pictures in another future post.

Bye for now!


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