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Monday, March 21, 2016

Fabric Spray Painting an ottoman

Hi everyone,

Another project I worked on this past weekend was the poor cat "claimed" ottoman.  After convincing the boyfriend that the tufting made it look "expensive" and not "girly", we brought it home from HomeGoods.  Two days later, Rey, the gray cat, peed in the tufts.  He's done it two or three times since then, usually when the cat box hasn't been cleared for a few days.  What a dick.

I spent a lot of time cleaning the ottoman with our spot wet vacuum and other Pinterest inspired tips.  Unfortunately, they lightened up the areas surrounding the stain, making everything look even more discolored.  It was horrible, yet people continued to sit on it.  O and I only place our bags on it.  We don't ever sit on it anymore.  The cats occasionally sit on it when they want to cuddle with our bags.  Terrible.

So I thought about reuphostering it, but that would've been more expensive than the ottoman itself.  I decided to try fabric spray paint.  I bought this one on Amazon.  The reviews were mixed, as it has some vinyl in it, which people said made fabric uncomfortable.  To me, uncomfortable fabric = no cats = less cat hair cleaning out of tufts.  Win win.

I did a light coat to start, and the ottoman already looked better.

After a few hours, I did a second coat to even things out.  I decided to just do coats on the top, since the color difference was not very noticeable.  I guess I picked the right shade!

The fabric does feel a little rough, and I'm wondering if that will change with time and use.  The ottoman was fully dry after 24 hours and again, the color difference is minimal.  I am no longer embarrassed to have it in our living room.  If Rey pees on it again, I may use it on him.  Kidding.  Sorta.

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