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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Projects in Progress

 Hi everyone,

It has been a while.  I have been immersed at work, but I had last weekend and have next weekend free to catch up on some projects.

Here is a teaser of things I hope to share on the blog in the near future:

Craiglist projects - painted piano bench with a stenciled top, nightstand with marble top, and a refurbished china cabinet

Using fabric paint to cover up cat pee stains on our ottoman

Redoing our master bedroom closet

Old rocking chair refresh

Recovering chairs

Removing carpet from stairs

...and many more...

In the meantime, last weekend, I was able to do a quick fix to our living room curtains to allow the cats a little sunshine.  In reality, it was so that they do not destroy my curtains using their claws to try to see their father when he is sitting on the front porch.  Cats.  I kid you not.  See existing damage below.

They like to meow at their father when he is sitting on the porch.  It is both cute and super annoying.

Anyway, I of course, was inspired by Pinterest (and bad cat behavior):

"Twisted a spare hook into the hole. By hand, I sewed the ends of the ribbon so they attached to metal rings":
Successful Homemakers

Glamorous curtains using thrift store pearls :-) 아라비안카지노 http:/ 아라비안카지노 아라비안카지노 아라비안카지노 아라비안카지노아라비안카지노:

We took the hooks previously in the coat rack and attached them to the wall.  I then took some old necklaces and wrapped them around the curtains.  It worked (and looked glamorous) for a short while.

We then updated the ties to a yarn/rope that was more boyfriend friendly.  It is unfortunately also more cat friendly.  We are making modifications as I type this post.

I also decided it was time to welcome in spring with a change in wreaths.

Here's the winter one, from Target:

For the spring one, I took my old grapevine wreath, added a little fresh baby's breath, and voila!

We'll see how long it lasts.



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